Sofa Upholstery

The sofa makers team of specialists provide the best Sofa Upholstery Repair in Hyderabad adding comfort and luxury.

Our Professionals delivers the adequate job to mend your old sofa. We can do every possible change in your old or torn sofa. Even the modification will bring out extra luxury and comfort. We also have an equipped team of sofa specialists on call to attend to your squashy couches, torn cushions or ripped seams at all times.

We change places, houses, insides and as we probably am aware change is just steady. As indicated by our insides we like to change our furniture as well so our home look vintage, however is it extremely obligatory to change the whole furniture in light of the fact that the Color isn’t coordinating? No. Truly you heard me right, since you changed the shade of your divider you don’t need to change the entire couch since you can simply change the upholstery and utilize the regular old couch which you like the most.

Here we vintage lounger giving you the best quality support of make your life simple and tasteful. In this day and age changing furniture over and over is beyond the realm of imagination so you can simply fix your couch with upholstery change, restoring and make it new once more in truly pocket inviting spending plan.

Sofa Upholstery service includes:

  • We give a new shape to your furniture by removing the jammed and stuffed foam
  • We add foam, cotton and fibre to make your old furniture look new
  • Adding blue ribbons to your sofas to bring out their uniqueness
  • Our sofa makers leather and stitching experts give a new look to your leather furniture

Sofa Repair

New Sofa Gallery is a service provider firm whose entire format has been created keeping the customer’s mind. This is the reason that all our service remain on our customer’s discretion, for example, their preferred time frame . New Sofa Gallery ’s service partner contribute higher level with effective-cost sofa repair service, Sofa upholstery Service, sofa Repair installation service, sofa repair service. We deliver high-caliber of service at time the way customer’s mandatory.

Sofa Polishing

Sofa Polishing  is necessary for once in a year. At First, When talking about furniture, it gets older and loses its initial appearance. Though, A regular concern makes it pretty attractive over time. Only a little care by you, your leather sofa can prevent itself from defacing or looking ugly. But it is often difficult to decide what type of polish to use on wooden furniture. The chief concern is whether the polish you use will damage the wooden furniture.

We have professionals for sofa polishing and sofa redesigning. New Sofa Gallery specialist works for its natural charm and roots out the risk of potential damage.  However, Our employers provide satisfactory outcomes by using exact and proper polishes.

Sofa cleaning

A sofa is furniture due to which your house looks pretty. But the sofa looks prettier when it s dust-free. When you need sofa cleaning just contact us. 8187866761 

New Sofa Gallery provides a professional sofa cleaner that cleans your sofa and increases sofa life our sofa cleaner know the strategies and technique to clean the couch and make sofa shinier.

Why New Sofa Gallery Sofa Upholstery Makers?

Sofa Set repair near me will help you out in all the problems related to your sofas and their repairing. Following are the qualities and points which make us outstanding among other sofa service providers. You must be thinking that why you should contact us if we have so many other options? The answer to this question is straightforward. Every customer needs satisfaction and excellent care customer service. He doesn’t want his sofas and furniture to look uglier.